Sunday, November 9, 2014

Reality Bites

Me at The Crest, with my favorite pimento cheese dip.
Don't worry, I also got a salad.
Time for the truth. Adam and I caved this weekend. Okay, so it wasn't THAT bad. We had an honest conversation about our Saturday night plans with friends - he at a friend's house watching the game, me out to eat - and we decided that instead of going hungry or guilting ourselves, we were going to make conscious choices.

Our Saturday night choices also carried into a one-year-old's birthday party today, but I don't feel bad about it. Because tomorrow, while we're not giving up all five things again, we're definitely continuing to eat clean. We spent the evening tonight prepping lunches and snacks to get us through the first few days this week. We both agreed that we felt WAY better after just seven days of eating so clean and that feeling isn't lost on us (especially after eating cheese and sugar in the last 24 hours... ugh...). We were both sleeping better, waking up easier, and just 
over all feeling good. So that's been fun. 

Moving forward this week, we're sticking with no caffeine or sugar, no dairy, and no alcohol. Some of these things may be more permanent than the 21 days, we'll see. Gluten proved to be the hardest for me, mostly just not knowing what all it's in. Sometimes when I get what I like to call "emergency hungry", crackers are the easiest thing for some sustenance and I am okay with that.

So, the lesson here? No one can be perfect, even when you're trying really hard. And just because you slip once or twice, doesn't mean you should just give up and quit all together. Find out what is most important, and try and stick to it. As my mother has always said (besides never give a limp handshake), everything in moderation. 

Except sugar. Sugar is just bad. 

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